Company A Roster



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Co.(14/1) Rank(2/1) Name(1/1)
A Sgt. Anderson, Leroy
A Pvt. Baldon, Fay
A Cpl. Baldon, Ray
A 2nd Lt. Bartz, Albert J.
A Sgt. Bartz, Robert W.
A Pvt. Bennett, Horace
A Pvt. Blonien, Elmer F.
A 1st Lt. Bloomfield, Kenneth B.
A Pvt. Boehm, Robert E.
A Cpl. Bruce, Jack V.
A Pvt. Burchard, Earl O.
A Pvt. Burke, John F.
A Sgt. Bushaw, Delmon R.
A Sgt. Campbell, John F.
A Sgt. Chapman, Alva J.
A Pvt. Curtis, William A.
A Pvt. DeGroot, Edward L.
A Pvt. DuBois, Albert
A Sgt. Durner, Herbert A.
A Sgt. Elmer, Wesley
A Pvt. Erickson, Charles F.
A Sgt. Fancher, Wesley B.
A Pvt. Fanning, Harold G.
A Pvt. Finley, James
A Pvt. Goff, Alton K.
A Pvt. Greenfield, Eugene C.
A Pfc. Grim, Laurence H.
A Pfc. Harrie, Robert J.
A Pvt. Hart, Leonard M.
A Pvt. Hart, Wando A.
A Tec 4 Hatlevig, Kenneth R.
A Pvt. Haviland, William J.
A Pvt. Hensley, Emmett E.
A Pvt. Hill, Raymond M.
A 2nd Lt. Holland, Arthur A.
A Pvt. Hurndon, James H., Jr.
A Pvt. Hurtt, Thomas E.
A Pvt. Johnson, Vernon A.
A Pvt. Kitchens, Cecil W.
A Sgt. Klitzke, Paul W.
A Pfc. Knipshield, Donald E.
A Sgt. Knox, Forrest K.
A 3rd Lt. Knox, Henry
A Tec 4 Krug, Fred
A Sgt. Kubly, Robert C.
A Sgt. Lang, Howard R.
A 1st/Sgt. Lawton, Dale E.
A Pfc. Lobdell, Lloyd J., Jr.
A Pfc. Lustig, Maurice E.
A S/Sgt. Luther, Henry M.
A Sgt. Luther, John P.
A Tec 4 Madison, Harold F.
A Tec 4 Madison, Ralph A.
A Pfc. Manogue, James L.
A S/Sgt. McAuliffe, William M.
A Sgt. McCage, Neil B.
A Pvt. McCarter, Emerson M.
A Pfc. McCarthy, George Jr.
A Pfc. McCrea, Joseph F.
A Pfc. McCrone, Jean H.
A Pvt. New, Donald B.
A Pfc. Nickols, Carl N.
A Pvt. Ortega, Abel
A Sgt. Parish, Philip
A Pvt. Paul, Norman A.
A Cpl. Peterson, Marvel
A Pfc. Phillips, Lewis R.
A 2nd Lt. Reed, WilliamA., Jr.
A Pvt. Richardson, Obie C.
A Pvt. Richter, Lloyd J.
A Sgt. Riedeman, Harvey H.
A Pvt. Riese, Boyd A.
A Sgt. Rinehart, Orvis
A Cpl. Ryman, Gilbert A.
A Pfc. Samek, Thomas H.
A Sgt. Sandmire, Owen
A Pvt. Schlingerman, Glenn R.
A Pvt. Schmidt, Emil O.
A Pfc. Schoeberle, Kenneth E.
A Pvt. Schultz, Donald F.
A Sgt. Schultz, James H.
A Sgt. Semrow, Donald K.
A Pvt. Shea, Bernard K.
A Pvt. Shrelnes, Anthony J.
A Pvt. Sommerlund, William H.
A Pvt. Spencer, John C.
A Cpl. Squire, Kenneth C.
A Sgt. Steen, Arnold M.
A Cpl. Stewart, Robert J.
A Pvt. Stoudt, Daniel M.
A Pvt. Sykora, Vincent C.
A Pvt. Taipale, Walter W.
A Sgt. Teal, Forrest F.
A Pvt. Trinka, Jr., Vendel
A S/Sgt. Tubbs, Jesse E.
A Pvt. Underwood, Ray C.
A Sgt. Walsh, Stanley J.
A Sgt. Wasson, Dewayne E.
A Pvt. Weech, Miles
A Pvt. White, Glen K.
A Pvt. Widener, Glen E.
A Capt. Write, Walter
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