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Why we are here

This site is designed to satisfy at least three goals:

  1. Document and preserve the men of the 192nd and their history
  2. Provide a place for people interested in these men and their heroics to gather and share information
  3. Collect all available information and provide links to sites that can expand and clarify the stories

How you can use this site

We encourage you to start with the story of the Origin of the 192nd Tank Battalion. From there, you will find links to other information, including the detailed stories of all 593 men of the 192nd. Also, feel free to search for other information on this site by using the Search box at the top of each page.

Once you find information you find interesting, use the comments section at the bottom of most pages to leave your comments. You'll find that this conversation will only deepend your appreciation of the information posted.

If you have questions that have not been answered, feel free to post them on the Questions wikipage. We're certain that others will quickly post answers.

Finally, if you have information you'd like to share, or if you have an urge to add to this Wiki, use the join page to request edit access. We are happy to extend this privilege and it is only through the efforts of many that this site will become the place it was intended to be.

Thank you for your interest.
Steve Gibson

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